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The song that goes “There’s something about Christmas time. Makes me wish it were Christmas everyday” is going through my head this morning. I know it’s January. A full eleven months until Christmas comes again. Maybe it’s because my youngest has been singing some sort of Christmas song almost daily since November, and just because the day came and went, he is still singing the songs. Just a few minutes ago, he treated me to a personal showing, complete with puppet-hands, of his preschool Christmas play.

As he was performing, I began to think about what he was doing. We become so involved in looking at a calendar that we cross off days sometimes without thinking. We look forward constantly, working up to an important day like a birthday, and instead of taking the time to truly celebrate and revel in the day and the person, we often are looking ahead to the next one before the sun even sets.

This particular child’s birthday is in two days. And while he has mentioned it, and been praying and thanking God for it for months (which, by the way, hardly anyone thanks God for birthdays…), he is still celebrating the most recent birthday, which happens to be the most important one ever. He is celebrating the birth of his Savior every day.

Shouldn’t we all be doing this? Instead of looking ahead to the next big event, we should revel in the present one, and remember that without His birthday, we wouldn’t have anything to celebrate.

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  1. linda January 24, 2013 at 9:21 am #

    Great thought! Thanks for sharing…

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