I Want it Now!

I wonder sometimes how I must sound to God. I complain and whine and cry about silly things. I think I’m justified, but I’m sure I sound a little ridiculous instead. I’m sure sometimes I sound like a child!

My youngest son, who is three, is the master of tantrums. He’s been known, on some occasions, to pitch a fit for twenty minutes. During his tantrums, nothing calms him down. He will kick and scream and cry. If you make the mistake of cracking a smile during his tantrum, he screams all the more and yells “don’t laugh for me”, which makes things even funnier. He will cross his little arms and, tears streaming down his face, scream at the top of his lungs.

One time, he threw a torrent because, when he asked for more pancakes, I politely told him they were all gone. You would have thought I had told him no more pancakes, ever. I let him cry and gave him an audience for about three minutes, trying to convince him that there was nothing I could do, and he needed to get over it. He continued to scream, so I got him down from his seat, told him I had to go get dressed, and started up the stairs. Through incoherent screaming, I also heard him begging “come back here”.

Finally, after fifteen minutes of his constant screaming, I went to where he was standing on the stairs, still screaming for me to “come back here now”, scooped him up, and pressed him in tight. I just held him tight until he settled down, which took quite a while. When he finally settled down, we talked about why he was so upset- there weren’t any pancakes left, and then mommy walked away instead of listening. We also talked about how mommy scooped him up and helped him to feel better because mommy loves him and doesn’t like for him to be sad. As often happens after a discipline session or a boo-boo, we said a brief prayer, and aside from a few sniffles, life was back to normal.

This whole ordeal got me to thinking about how God treats us. We want something, He tells us no, and we pitch a fit. We scream and yell. We cross our arms. He never raises His voice, and even though it may seem like He is walking away, we are usually the ones trying to get away. We yell “come back here now” and cry and scream when it seems like He’s not listening. Before long, He comes down, scoops us up, and holds us tight, all the while saying, “Hush, honey. I love you. Shhh, sweetheart, daddy’s here.”. Once we’ve finally settled down, He reminds us of the events that took place, and He reminds us of how much He loves us and doesn’t want to see us angry or upset. Never once does He say “why on earth did you make such a big fuss? I mean, really. Can’t you see I’m too busy for this? Why cant you just grow up and act like less of a child?!”. He holds us tight, whispers calming words of love, and rocks us until all that’s left is a few sniffles.

God loves us so much, and I am so thankful that He doesn’t yell at me for being silly or immature. He simply scoops me up, calms me down, and reminds me of His grace and love.

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  1. tlamarca April 30, 2011 at 9:38 am #

    “I want an Oompa Loompa. I want one now!”

    I wish it didn’t take so much patience to teach patience.

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