Hidden Beauty

I have absolutely fallen in love with where we live. We moved in right at a year ago, and I haven’t regretted a moment of it.
We are in the close suburbs of the city, so we are close to a lot of things, but the town is laid out in such a way that just a short half mile walk down the street with a very curious dog is bound to lead to new discoveries.
People are always outside on their porches or mowing their lawns or doing yard work. The neighborhood playground is rarely empty.
I think the thing I love the most, though, is something someone who doesnt live here may miss when they are just visiting. This place has a hidden beauty that is easily missed if you aren’t looking for it. Some neighborhoods go undiscovered unless you happen upon a hidden road or sidewalk. The view from my back porch is incredible, where we can see for miles, but from the street it would be missed completely. If we don’t pay attention, we miss the things that make home so beautiful.
If I don’t pay attention, I miss the things that make life beautiful. The laughter coming from the backyard as the kids play with our neighbors. The smell of dinner cooking on the grill. The sight of my kids’ faces after eating ice cream.
All of these are little things that seem like nothing. They are short moments in otherwise mundane, normal days. But they are what makes my life beautiful. Little glimpses of heaven.
Are YOU paying attention so you can notice the hidden beauty around you?


Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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