Do you ever struggle with feeling like you aren’t good enough? Do you feel like everything you try, every achievement you make is just average, that someone can always do it better?

In this age of Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and constant blogging, it’s really easy to feel like someone else can do everything better. Everyone posts pictures of their handmade crafts, and yours pale in comparison. Your food isn’t as delicious. Your parties aren’t as fun. You’re just average.

That’s where I’m at today. It has been months since I’ve posted something, but I guess this is therapeutic for me. Lately it seems like everything I try to do is average. Nothing spectacular. Even those things I mean for encouragement seem to pale in comparison to someone else’s gift of encouragement.

So do I give my gift anyway? Do I make the average meal? Do I take the not-so-spectacular picture?
How do I deal with feelings of being average? How do I balance the desire to grow and be better with the reality that I’m not the best at everything, no matter how hard I try? How do I figure out what I’m made for, really good at, gifted with? How do I find my niche?

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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